Class NetscapeCookieFileCache

  • public class NetscapeCookieFileCache
    extends Object
    A cache of all known cookie files (NetscapeCookieFile). May contain at most n entries, where the least-recently used one is evicted as soon as more entries are added. The maximum number of entries (=n) can be set via the git config key http.cookieFileCacheLimit. By default it is set to 10.

    The cache is global, i.e. it is shared among all consumers within the same Java process.

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    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static NetscapeCookieFileCache getInstance​(HttpConfig config)
        config - the config which defines the limit for this cache
        the singleton instance of the cookie file cache. If the cache has already been created the given config is ignored (even if it differs from the config, with which the cache has originally been created)
      • getEntry

        public NetscapeCookieFile getEntry​(Path path)
        path - the path of the cookie file to retrieve
        the cache entry belonging to the requested file