Class PackOutputStream

    • Constructor Detail

      • PackOutputStream

        public PackOutputStream​(ProgressMonitor writeMonitor,
                                OutputStream out,
                                PackWriter pw)
        Initialize a pack output stream.

        This constructor is exposed to support debugging the JGit library only. Application or storage level code should not create a PackOutputStream, instead use PackWriter, and let the writer create the stream.

        writeMonitor - monitor to update on object output progress.
        out - target stream to receive all object contents.
        pw - packer that is going to perform the output.
    • Method Detail

      • writeObject

        public final void writeObject​(ObjectToPack otp)
                               throws IOException
        Write one object. If the object was already written, this method does nothing and returns quickly. This case occurs whenever an object was written out of order in order to ensure the delta base occurred before the object that needs it.
        otp - the object to write.
        IOException - the object cannot be read from the object reader, or the output stream is no longer accepting output. Caller must examine the type of exception and possibly its message to distinguish between these cases.
      • writeHeader

        public final void writeHeader​(ObjectToPack otp,
                                      long rawLength)
                               throws IOException
        Commits the object header onto the stream.

        Once the header has been written, the object representation must be fully output, or packing must abort abnormally.

        otp - the object to pack. Header information is obtained.
        rawLength - number of bytes of the inflated content. For an object that is in whole object format, this is the same as the object size. For an object that is in a delta format, this is the size of the inflated delta instruction stream.
        IOException - the underlying stream refused to accept the header.
      • getCopyBuffer

        public final byte[] getCopyBuffer()
        Get a temporary buffer writers can use to copy data with.
        a temporary buffer writers can use to copy data with.