Class GC.RepoStatistics

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class GC.RepoStatistics
    extends Object
    A class holding statistical data for a FileRepository regarding how many objects are stored as loose or packed objects
    • Field Detail

      • numberOfPackedObjects

        public long numberOfPackedObjects
        The number of objects stored in pack files. If the same object is stored in multiple pack files then it is counted as often as it occurs in pack files.
      • numberOfPackFiles

        public long numberOfPackFiles
        The number of pack files
      • numberOfLooseObjects

        public long numberOfLooseObjects
        The number of objects stored as loose objects.
      • sizeOfLooseObjects

        public long sizeOfLooseObjects
        The sum of the sizes of all files used to persist loose objects.
      • sizeOfPackedObjects

        public long sizeOfPackedObjects
        The sum of the sizes of all pack files.
      • numberOfLooseRefs

        public long numberOfLooseRefs
        The number of loose refs.
      • numberOfPackedRefs

        public long numberOfPackedRefs
        The number of refs stored in pack files.
      • numberOfBitmaps

        public long numberOfBitmaps
        The number of bitmaps in the bitmap indices.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RepoStatistics

        public RepoStatistics()