Class AddUnseenToBitmapFilter

  • public class AddUnseenToBitmapFilter
    extends RevFilter
    A RevFilter that adds the visited commits to bitmap as a side effect.

    When the walk hits a commit that is part of bitmap's BitmapIndex, that entire bitmap is ORed into bitmap and the commit and its parents are marked as SEEN so that the walk does not have to visit its ancestors. This ensures the walk is very short if there is good bitmap coverage.

    Commits named in seen are considered already seen. If one is encountered, that commit and its parents will be marked with the SEEN flag to prevent the walk from visiting its ancestors.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AddUnseenToBitmapFilter

        public AddUnseenToBitmapFilter​(BitmapIndex.BitmapBuilder seen,
                                       BitmapIndex.BitmapBuilder bitmap)
        Create a filter that adds visited commits to the given bitmap, but does not walk through the objects in seen.
        seen - objects that are already seen
        bitmap - bitmap to write visited commits to
    • Method Detail

      • include

        public final boolean include​(RevWalk walker,
                                     RevCommit cmit)
        Determine if the supplied commit should be included in results.
        Specified by:
        include in class RevFilter
        walker - the active walker this filter is being invoked from within.
        cmit - the commit currently being tested. The commit has been parsed and its body is available for inspection only if the filter returns true from RevFilter.requiresCommitBody().
        true to include this commit in the results; false to have this commit be omitted entirely from the results.
      • clone

        public final RevFilter clone()

        Clone this revision filter, including its parameters.

        This is a deep clone. If this filter embeds objects or other filters it must also clone those, to ensure the instances do not share mutable data.

        Specified by:
        clone in class RevFilter
      • requiresCommitBody

        public final boolean requiresCommitBody()
        Whether the filter needs the commit body to be parsed.
        requiresCommitBody in class RevFilter
        true if the filter needs the commit body to be parsed.