Class BouncyCastleGpgKeyLocator

  • public class BouncyCastleGpgKeyLocator
    extends Object
    Locates GPG keys from either ~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d or ~/.gnupg/secring.gpg
    • Constructor Detail

      • BouncyCastleGpgKeyLocator

        public BouncyCastleGpgKeyLocator​(String signingKey,
                                         org.eclipse.jgit.gpg.bc.internal.BouncyCastleGpgKeyPassphrasePrompt passphrasePrompt)
        Create a new key locator for the specified signing key.

        The signing key must either be a hex representation of a specific key or a user identity substring (eg., email address). All keys in the KeyBox will be looked up in the order as returned by the KeyBox. A key id will be searched before attempting to find a key by user id.

        signingKey - the signing key to search for
        passphrasePrompt - the provider to use when asking for key passphrase