Class DirCacheBuildIterator

  • public class DirCacheBuildIterator
    extends DirCacheIterator
    Iterate and update a DirCache as part of a TreeWalk.

    Like DirCacheIterator this iterator allows a DirCache to be used in parallel with other sorts of iterators in a TreeWalk. However any entry which appears in the source DirCache and which is skipped by the TreeFilter is automatically copied into DirCacheBuilder, thus retaining it in the newly updated index.

    This iterator is suitable for update processes, or even a simple delete algorithm. For example deleting a path:

     final DirCache dirc = db.lockDirCache();
     final DirCacheBuilder edit = dirc.builder();
     final TreeWalk walk = new TreeWalk(db);
     walk.addTree(new DirCacheBuildIterator(edit));
     while (
            ; // do nothing on a match as we want to remove matches
    • Constructor Detail

      • DirCacheBuildIterator

        public DirCacheBuildIterator​(DirCacheBuilder dcb)
        Create a new iterator for an already loaded DirCache instance.

        The iterator implementation may copy part of the cache's data during construction, so the cache must be read in prior to creating the iterator.

        dcb - the cache builder for the cache to walk. The cache must be already loaded into memory.