Class FilterCommand

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    CleanFilter, SmudgeFilter

    public abstract class FilterCommand
    extends Object
    An abstraction for JGit's builtin implementations for hooks and filters. Instead of spawning an external processes to start a filter/hook and to pump data from/to stdin/stdout these builtin commmands may be used. They are constructed by FilterCommandFactory.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilterCommand

        public FilterCommand​(InputStream in,
                             OutputStream out)
        Constructor for FilterCommand

        FilterCommand implementors are required to manage the in and out streams (close on success and/or exception).

        in - The InputStream this command should read from
        out - The OutputStream this command should write to
    • Method Detail

      • run

        public abstract int run()
                         throws IOException
        Execute the command. The command is supposed to read data from in and to write the result to out. It returns the number of bytes it read from in. It should be called in a loop until it returns -1 signaling that the InputStream is completely processed.

        On successful completion (return -1) or on Exception, the streams in and out are closed by the implementation.

        the number of bytes read from the InputStream or -1. -1 means that the InputStream is completely processed.
        IOException - when IOException occurred while reading from in or writing to out