Class AddCommand

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    public class AddCommand
    extends GitCommand<DirCache>
    A class used to execute a Add command. It has setters for all supported options and arguments of this command and a call() method to finally execute the command. Each instance of this class should only be used for one invocation of the command (means: one call to call())
    See Also:
    Git documentation about Add
    • Constructor Detail

      • AddCommand

        public AddCommand​(Repository repo)
        Constructor for AddCommand
        repo - the Repository
    • Method Detail

      • addFilepattern

        public AddCommand addFilepattern​(String filepattern)
        Add a path to a file/directory whose content should be added.

        A directory name (e.g. dir to add dir/file1 and dir/file2) can also be given to add all files in the directory, recursively. Fileglobs (e.g. *.c) are not yet supported.

        filepattern - repository-relative path of file/directory to add (with / as separator)
      • setUpdate

        public AddCommand setUpdate​(boolean update)
        Set whether to only match against already tracked files
        update - If set to true, the command only matches filepattern against already tracked files in the index rather than the working tree. That means that it will never stage new files, but that it will stage modified new contents of tracked files and that it will remove files from the index if the corresponding files in the working tree have been removed. In contrast to the git command line a filepattern must exist also if update is set to true as there is no concept of a working directory here.
      • isUpdate

        public boolean isUpdate()
        Whether to only match against already tracked files
        whether to only match against already tracked files