Class ExportableModuleTask

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EglTask, EtlTask, EvlTask

public abstract class ExportableModuleTask extends ExecutableModuleTask
Adds the exportAsModel string property. When this property has a non-null value, the module will export an execution model after it is executed. The value of the property controls the name of the exported model. For example: <etl.module ... exportAsModel="Trace"/> The contents of the exported model are dictated by the type of module. For example, an ETL module might export a transformation trace model, while an EVL module might export a model of unsatisfied constraints.
  • Field Details

    • exportAsModel

      protected String exportAsModel
  • Constructor Details

    • ExportableModuleTask

      public ExportableModuleTask()
  • Method Details

    • getExportAsModel

      public String getExportAsModel()
    • setExportAsModel

      public void setExportAsModel(String exportAsModel)
    • examine

      protected void examine() throws Exception
      Specified by:
      examine in class ExecutableModuleTask
    • shouldExportAsModel

      protected boolean shouldExportAsModel()
    • getObjectsForExportedModel

      protected abstract Collection<? extends Object> getObjectsForExportedModel()
    • getClassesForExportedModel

      protected abstract Collection<? extends Class<?>> getClassesForExportedModel()