Class ExecutableModuleTask

    • Field Detail

      • src

        protected File src
      • assertions

        protected boolean assertions
      • result

        protected Object result
      • setBeans

        protected boolean setBeans
      • fine

        protected boolean fine
      • moduleImplementationClass

        protected String moduleImplementationClass
        Provide a specific module class implementation at runtime
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExecutableModuleTask

        public ExecutableModuleTask()
    • Method Detail

      • addVariables

        protected void addVariables​(IEolContext context,
                                    Map<String,​?>... variableMaps)
      • getTaskName

        public String getTaskName()
        getTaskName in class
      • executeImpl

        public void executeImpl()
        Specified by:
        executeImpl in class EpsilonTask
      • addText

        public void addText​(String msg)
      • getSrc

        public File getSrc()
      • setSrc

        public void setSrc​(File src)
      • setUri

        public void setUri​(String uri)
      • getUri

        public String getUri()
      • isAssertions

        public boolean isAssertions()
      • setAssertions

        public void setAssertions​(boolean assertions)
      • setGUI

        public void setGUI​(boolean gui)
        Changes whether Epsilon's graphical user input facilities should be enabled or not. By default, they are enabled for all tasks except for the EUnit Ant task, in which they are disabled.
      • isGUI

        public boolean isGUI()
        Returns whether Epsilon's graphical user input facilities should be enabled or not.
        See Also:
      • setDebug

        public void setDebug​(boolean isDebug)
        Changes whether the debugger should be used (true) or not (false) for this module. By default, it is not used.
      • isDebug

        public boolean isDebug()
        Returns whether the debugger will be used (true) or not (false).
      • useVariable

        protected void useVariable​(String var,
                                   String as,
                                   boolean optional,
                                   boolean ant)
      • exportVariable

        protected void exportVariable​(String var,
                                      String as,
                                      boolean optional,
                                      boolean ant)
      • setSetBeans

        public void setSetBeans​(boolean setBeans)
      • isSetBeans

        public boolean isSetBeans()
      • isFine

        public boolean isFine()
      • setFine

        public void setFine​(boolean fine)
      • getModuleImplementation

        public String getModuleImplementation()
      • setModuleImplementation

        public void setModuleImplementation​(String moduleImplementation)
      • createAlternativeModule

        protected IEolModule createAlternativeModule()
                                              throws Exception
        Create an alternative module instance from the provided qualified name of the module class
        The instantiated and configured IEolModule.
        Exception - If there is an error instantiating the module class and/or configuring the module