Class ClassifierLevelAttributePrecedence

  • public class ClassifierLevelAttributePrecedence
    extends HutnAcceptanceTest
    Tests that the DefaultValueRules, specified in a HUTN configuration file, are correctly overridden by any classifier level attributes in the HUTN source. In this test case, the configuration file specifies default value rules for the averageAge and numberOfChildren attributes on the Family class; while the HUTN source also specifies a classifier level value for the Family.averageAge attribute.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassifierLevelAttributePrecedence

        public ClassifierLevelAttributePrecedence()
    • Method Detail

      • modelShouldHaveOneFamily

        public void modelShouldHaveOneFamily()
      • theSmithsShouldHaveClassifierLevelAttributeValue

        public void theSmithsShouldHaveClassifierLevelAttributeValue()
      • theSmithsShouldHaveDefaultValue

        public void theSmithsShouldHaveDefaultValue()