Interface IHutnModule

    • Method Detail

      • storeEmfModel

        java.util.List<> storeEmfModel​( baseDirectory,
                                                   java.lang.String defaultModelPath,
                                                   java.lang.String inferredMetamodelPath)
                                            throws HutnGenerationException

        Generates an EMF model for the HUTN source passed to parse.

        The model is stored in the given baseDirectory, with filename defaultModelPath. The HUTN source may contain a modelFile attribute (in a model package, in the Spec preamble). When a modelFile attribute is specified in the HUTN source, that value takes precedence over defaultModelPath.

        When a metamodel is inferred (because no metamodel is specfied in the Spec preamble), it is generated in the given baseDirectory, with filename inferredMetamodelPath.

        baseDirectory -
        defaultModelPath -
        inferredMetamodelPath -
        the list of Files generated by this method invocation.
      • hasValidMetaModel

        boolean hasValidMetaModel()
      • getNsUris

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getNsUris()
      • getModelFile

        java.lang.String getModelFile()
      • setConfigFileDirectory

        void setConfigFileDirectory​( configFileDirectory)
      • getIntermediateModel

        Spec getIntermediateModel()
      • storeIntermediateModel

        void storeIntermediateModel​( destination)
      • hasValidHutn

        boolean hasValidHutn()
        Returns false only if the HUTN source passed to parse is not valid HUTN. True is returned when the HUTN is valid, regardless of whether it conforms to the metamodel specified in the preamble.