Class DeleteCascadeToChildrenThatHaveSameTypeAsParentButDoNotSatisfyGuard

  • public class DeleteCascadeToChildrenThatHaveSameTypeAsParentButDoNotSatisfyGuard
    extends FlockAcceptanceTest
    This test covers an edge case of cascading delete behaviour. When a cascading delete is to be applied to a model element of type X which also contains other model elements of type X, we need to be sure to delete the children of type X even if they do not satisfy the guard of the deletion rule. In fact, we do not even want to check the applicability of the cascading deletion rule to any children (even if those children are of the same type as the parent element).
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeleteCascadeToChildrenThatHaveSameTypeAsParentButDoNotSatisfyGuard

        public DeleteCascadeToChildrenThatHaveSameTypeAsParentButDoNotSatisfyGuard()
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      • migratedShouldContainNoModels

        public void migratedShouldContainNoModels()