Interface IEUnitSuite

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    public interface IEUnitSuite
    Base interface that must be implemented by all test suites using the EclipseEUnitTestRunner.
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      • getOperationContributor

        OperationContributor getOperationContributor()
        Returns an operation contributor which can provide additional global functions through its methods. This operation is optional: if desired, users may simply return null if they do not need this functionality. A custom operation contributor can be useful if we need to run tasks in another model-handling language, as the Ant tasks are not easy to use from a JUnit Plug-in Test.
      • getModuleURI

        URI getModuleURI()
                  throws Exception
        Returns the URI of the main .eunit script to be run.
      • prepareModels

        List<IModel> prepareModels()
                            throws Exception
        Returns the list of the models that should be used for the next test. These models should be reloaded in every call to this method, in order to ensure that each EUnit test is isolated from the rest.