Class EUnitTestRunner

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    org.junit.runner.Describable, org.junit.runner.manipulation.Filterable, org.junit.runner.manipulation.Orderable, org.junit.runner.manipulation.Sortable
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    public class EUnitTestRunner
    extends org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<EUnitTest>

    Bridge runner between EUnit and JUnit. Can be used to turn an EUnit script into a JUnit Plug-in Test, for continuous integration.

    This runner should only be used with test classes that implement the IEUnitSuite interface for specifying the URI to the .eunit script and reloading the models between tests.

    Unlike previous EUnit test runners that only supported a subset of EUnit, this runner supports every feature in EUnit except for those specific to Ant, such as runTarget, useVariable, exportVariable and loadHutn.

    Users can provide additional built-in operations for their tests by implementing the IEUnitSuite.getOperationContributor() method appropriately. This can be useful when invoking EVL code, for instance, as we can't access the Ant tasks from a JUnit plugin test.

    TODO: integrate the EOL debugger somehow. TODO: add support for running Ant targets from a previously specified Ant script, in order to reuse the workflow tasks. We could get back most of the missing functionality this way. The main problem is that this would probably require copying over the original project to the runtime workspace, and that could complicate things quite a bit.
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      protected org.junit.runner.Description describeChild​(EUnitTest child)  
      protected java.util.List<EUnitTest> getChildren()  
      protected void runChild​(EUnitTest child, org.junit.runner.notification.RunNotifier notifier)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • EUnitTestRunner

        public EUnitTestRunner​(java.lang.Class<? extends IEUnitSuite> testClass)
                        throws org.junit.runners.model.InitializationError
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      • getChildren

        protected java.util.List<EUnitTest> getChildren()
        Specified by:
        getChildren in class org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<EUnitTest>
      • describeChild

        protected org.junit.runner.Description describeChild​(EUnitTest child)
        Specified by:
        describeChild in class org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<EUnitTest>
      • runChild

        protected void runChild​(EUnitTest child,
                                org.junit.runner.notification.RunNotifier notifier)
        Specified by:
        runChild in class org.junit.runners.ParentRunner<EUnitTest>