Interface IModelComparator

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    EMFModelComparator, IgnoreCaseComparator

    public interface IModelComparator
    Interface for a model comparator. They compare entire models and return a set of relevant differences, if any exist. Comparators may only be able to compare certain models, based on various criteria.
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        static final String OPTION_MODEL_CLONE_DIRECTORY
        If configure(Map) is called with this key set to a File or a String, the model clones needed by the comparator should be created in that directory.
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    • Method Detail

      • canCompare

        boolean canCompare​(IModel expectedModel,
                           IModel obtainedModel)
        Checks if the comparator can compare these two models.
        true if compare(IModel, IModel) should finish successfully, and false otherwise.
      • compare

        Object compare​(IModel expectedModel,
                       IModel obtainedModel)
                throws Exception
        Returns an object with the differences between this model and otherModel. If there are no differences, returns null. The exact configuration of the comparison depends on the model. For instance, unique identifiers (such as XMI IDs) may be ignored if the main object of these comparisons is to test model transformations. These tend to produce different unique identifiers each time they are run.
        IllegalArgumentException - The models cannot be compared: for instance, they use incompatible drivers.
        Exception - There was some other kind of problem when performing the comparison.
      • configure

        void configure​(Map<String,​Object> options)
        Configures the model comparator with the specified options. At least the OPTION_MODEL_CLONE_DIRECTORY option should be honored, if models are being frozen into clones before performing the comparison.
        IllegalArgumentException - One of the options has an invalid value is or not available.
      • saveDeltaToFile

        default File saveDeltaToFile​(Object delta,
                                     File basename)
                              throws IOException
        Saves the provided delta (as produced by compare(IModel, IModel) to a file with the provided basename. The actual extension will be picked by this component.
        delta - Detected model difference (e.g. a Comparison when using EMF Compare).
        basename - File with the desired basename (extension to be picked by comparator).
        File where the delta has been saved, after adding the extension.
        IOException - There was a problem writing to the file.