Class FilesystemTreeDifferenceViewer

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      • FilesystemTreeDifferenceViewer

        public FilesystemTreeDifferenceViewer()
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      • canCompare

        public boolean canCompare​(Object expected,
                                  Object actual,
                                  Object delta)
        Description copied from interface: IDifferenceViewer
        Returns true if this viewer can show the differences between the expected and the actual results. This method will be called from the SWT thread.
        Specified by:
        canCompare in interface IDifferenceViewer
        expected - Expected value.
        actual - Actual value.
        delta - Precomputed differences, if available. Otherwise, null.

        true if this instance can either:

        • compute and show the differences between expected and actual
        • , or b) show the precomputed differences in delta.

        Otherwise, returns false.