Class ModelGroup.DelegatingModelElementPropertySetter

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      void invoke​(java.lang.Object target, java.lang.String property, java.lang.Object value, IEolContext context)
      Sets a property on a given object to the specified value.
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      • DelegatingModelElementPropertySetter

        public DelegatingModelElementPropertySetter()
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        public void invoke​(java.lang.Object target,
                           java.lang.String property,
                           java.lang.Object value,
                           IEolContext context)
                    throws EolRuntimeException
        Description copied from interface: IPropertySetter
        Sets a property on a given object to the specified value.
        target - The model element to update.
        property - The name of the property of the model element.
        value - The new value of the property.
        context - The execution context.
        EolRuntimeException - If anything goes wrong in updating the value.