Interface IReflectiveModel

    • Method Detail

      • preventLoadingOfExternalModelElements

        boolean preventLoadingOfExternalModelElements()
        Prevents the loading of model elements that are referenced by this model but are not contained in this model. This is useful for clients, such as Epsilon Flock, which create a clone or conservative copy of this model.
        true iff this method had an effect (i.e. when this model supports external references, was configured to load external references and is no longer configured to load external references).
      • getContainerOf

        Object getContainerOf​(Object object)
        Returns the model element that contains the given model element, or null if the given model element is top-level.
        object - The model element whose container is to be found.
        the model element that contains object, or null if object is not contained in any other model element.
      • isEnumerationValue

        boolean isEnumerationValue​(Object object)
        Returns true iff object is an enumeration value.
      • hasPackage

        boolean hasPackage​(String packageName)
        Returns true iff this model contains a package with the given name. In general, a "package" is a group of types (and potentially other packages) and a namespace for the grouped elements. The precise semantics of "package" is specific to the implementation. For example, an Ecore implementation might use EPackage. An XML implementation might use XML namespaces. A CSV implementation might not support any notion of packages (and hence always return false).
        packageName -