Class MatlabEngineUtil

  • public class MatlabEngineUtil
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • MatlabEngineUtil

        public MatlabEngineUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • resolvePaths

        public static void resolvePaths​(String[] currentPaths)
                                 throws IllegalStateException,
        Resolves paths. The array is only written to if this method succeeds.
        currentPaths - Contains the paths to determine in the following order:
        IllegalArgumentException - If the paths array is null or not length 3.
        IllegalStateException - If the paths couldn't be resolved.
      • getLibraryPathFromRoot

        public static String getLibraryPathFromRoot​(String matlabPath)
      • getEngineJarPathFromRoot

        public static String getEngineJarPathFromRoot​(String matlabPath)
      • getLibraryPathFromEnv

        public static String getLibraryPathFromEnv()
      • getEngineJarPathFromEnv

        public static String getEngineJarPathFromEnv()
      • getMatlabPathFromEnv

        public static String getMatlabPathFromEnv()
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Double> matlabArrayToList​(double[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Long> matlabArrayToList​(long[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Integer> matlabArrayToList​(int[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Float> matlabArrayToList​(float[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Boolean> matlabArrayToList​(boolean[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Byte> matlabArrayToList​(byte[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static List<Short> matlabArrayToList​(short[] value)
      • matlabArrayToList

        public static <T> List<T> matlabArrayToList​(Object[] value)
      • formatForMatlabEngine

        public static Object formatForMatlabEngine​(Object value)
      • parseMatlabEngineVariable

        public static Object parseMatlabEngineVariable​(Object value)