Class SimulateTests

  • public class SimulateTests
    extends AbstractSimulinkTest
    These tests no longer work in recent versions of Matlab (e.g. 2021b). As there are no known use-cases of using the driver to run simulations or relevant documentation, these tests have been commented out in AllTests
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulateTests

        public SimulateTests()
    • Method Detail

      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableDouble

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableDouble()
      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableInt

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableInt()
      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableFloat

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableFloat()
      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableShort

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableShort()
      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableByte

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableByte()
      • simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableBoolean

        public void simulateAndGetWorkspaceVariableBoolean()