Class Preprocessor

  • public class Preprocessor
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • Preprocessor

        public Preprocessor()
    • Method Detail

      • convertToEol

        public String convertToEol​(AST ast)
      • updateRegionsOfStaticTextASTs

        protected boolean updateRegionsOfStaticTextASTs​(AST ast)
        Updates the EOL ASTs produced by the preprocessor from EGL static sections. In the generated EOL, static sections appear as statements of the form: out.prinx("the static text") 12345678901234567 0 1 In the EGL AST outline view, we display (a filtered version of) the preprocessed EOL's AST, which contains a STRING node. For the above statement, this would be: STRING, 1:1 to 1:17 Note that the start (end) column includes the opening (closing) double quote. This method corrects this issue by finding all AST nodes that correspond to text generated for static sections and adjusting the regions of the nested STRING nodes. This method also "hides" (makes imaginary) any AST nodes that need not be displayed in the AST outline view.
        true if and only iff this method has processed all nested AST nodes and this part of the AST should not be processed any further.
      • updateASTLocations

        public void updateASTLocations​(AST ast)