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Git Log for I20221107-1920

Git log from I20221106-2230 (previous) to I20221107-1920 (current)

The tagging, and this report, were done at about 20221107-1930

Repository: eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator
Date Commit message Author
2022-11-08Build input for build I20221107-1920Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-11-07Add BND lib to the targetChristoph Läubrich

Repository: eclipse.jdt.debug
Date Commit message Author
2022-11-07Use ASM 9.4Andrey Loskutov

Repository: eclipse.pde
Date Commit message Author
2022-11-07Reference.getParameterList() should properly find nested generic types (#387)Ed Merks
2022-11-07Touch org.eclipse.pde.ui to fix comparator errorsAndrey Loskutov
2022-11-07LocalMavenPluginSourcePathLocator should not assume all plugins are jars (#382)Ed Merks
2022-11-07Also take metatype annotations into accountChristoph Läubrich

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt
Date Commit message Author
2022-11-08v4956r12Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-11-07Integrate the Display with the Executor FrameworkChristoph Läubrich

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt.binaries
Date Commit message Author
2022-11-08v4956r12Eclipse Releng Bot