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Git Log for I20221024-1800

Git log from I20221023-1800 (previous) to I20221024-1800 (current)

The tagging, and this report, were done at about 20221024-1808

Repository: eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-24Build input for build I20221024-1800Eclipse Releng Bot

Repository: eclipse.jdt.ui
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-24Add check for Edge browser setText issuing a location change url (#306)Jeff Johnston

Repository: eclipse.platform.ui
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-25Version bumps for 4.26 stream.Александър Куртаков
2022-10-25Set explicit project encoding to UTF-8Michael Keppler
2022-10-24Remove unused API problem filters.Александър Куртаков
2022-10-24Remove useless suppress warnings.Александър Куртаков
2022-10-24Send out an event during perspective switchMarcus Hoepfner