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Git Log for I20221017-1800

Git log from I20221016-1800 (previous) to I20221017-1800 (current)

The tagging, and this report, were done at about 20221017-1808

Repository: eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-17Build input for build I20221017-1800Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-10-17Use webtools 3.28.0 p2 repo in setup because 3.27.0 is removed (#632)Ed Merks

Repository: eclipse.platform
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-17Improve JobManager IJobChangeListener Notification #193Joerg Kubitz
2022-10-17fix random silent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Bug_574883 testJoerg Kubitz

Repository: eclipse.platform.ui
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-17Copy center option from original RowLayoutGregor Latuske
2022-10-17Regression test for issue #227 (extreme slowdown of job rescheduling)Andrey Loskutov
2022-10-17IDEWorkbenchErrorHandler: avoid NPE and recursive exceptionsJörg Kubitz

Repository: rt.equinox.p2
Date Commit message Author
2022-10-17Remove now unneeded try/catch block & require bouncycastle 1.72.0 (#153)Andrey Loskutov