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Git Log for I20220912-1800

Git log from I20220911-1800 (previous) to I20220912-1800 (current)

The tagging, and this report, were done at about 20220912-1809

Repository: eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator
Date Commit message Author
2022-09-12Build input for build I20220912-1800Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-09-12Update cbi-ecj-version with compiler from 4.25 RC2/GASamantha Dawley

Repository: eclipse.platform
Date Commit message Author
2022-09-12Improve test failure message for ParallelBuildChainTestMickael Istria

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt
Date Commit message Author
2022-09-12v4956r3Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-09-12v4956r3Eclipse Releng Bot
2022-09-12Add support for WebkitGtk linked against libsoup-3.0.soАлександър Куртаков

Repository: eclipse.platform.swt.binaries
Date Commit message Author
2022-09-12v4956r3Eclipse Releng Bot

Repository: eclipse.platform.ui
Date Commit message Author
2022-09-12Dispose of BoldStylerProviderPhillipus
2022-09-12bump bundle versionNicolas Bros
2022-09-12NPE in PartRenderingEngine#subscribeTrimHandler when removing MTrimBar from MTrimmedWindow.getTrimBars() - Issue #321nbros
2022-09-12Bumped org.eclipse.ui.browser bundle versionSimeon Andreev
2022-09-12Fix plugin customization for internal/external browser default #331Simeon Andreev