Eclipse Dirigible Downloads: Release of 4.0
downloads from the Eclipse Dirigible project

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Distributions deployable on Apache Tomcat 8.x in WAR format
Server All - Useful for all kind of activities like development, operation, monitoring, documentation, transport, etc.tomcat/server-all/ROOT.war
Server Runtime - Useful for production environment where no development tooling is required.tomcat/server-runtime/ROOT.war
Desktop All - Useful for standalone usage for development purposes.tomcat/desktop-all/ROOT.war
Server Database - Useful for database administrators, where only the database tooling is required.tomcat/server-database/ROOT.war
Server JavaScript - Useful for JavaScript developers, where only the core functionality is included.tomcat/server-javascript/ROOT.war
SAP All - Specifically build for SAP Cloud Platform Neotomcat/sap-all/ROOT.war

Standalone distributions containing all the features with disabled role based access
Standalone - executable desktop package with embedded Apache Tomcat and Apache Derbytomcat/desktop-all/dirigible-desktop-all-4.0.0.jar

Docker Distributions

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