Installing BIRT Language Packs

BIRT's Language packs are available from the Babel Project. Following are two ways to get the Babel language packs.

Using Babel Project

Method 1 (Direct Download):
  1. Open the Eclipse Babel download site
  2. Downlaod the zip file for the BIRT and Language combination and unzip the language pack into the eclipse/ folder.

Method 2 (Update Site):
  1. While in Eclipse, select "Install New Software" from Help menu.
  2. Click Add on the Available Software dialog menu.
  3. Set Babel update site on Add site dialog. The site URL will depend on the Eclipse build you are using. The site URLs are listed here. For example: The Galileo site is
  4. Select the language pack and click next to install. Screenshot of the process

Older Language Packs

BIRT 2.5 Language Packs - If not using the Babel Project
BIRT 2.2 Language Packs