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June 22, 2007

The Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit Project is a tool for vendors, researchers, and end-users who rely on dynamic languages. DLTK is comprised of a set of extensible frameworks designed to reduce the complexity of building full featured development environments for dynamic languages such as PHP and Perl.

Besides a set of frameworks DLTK provides exemplary Tcl, Ruby, and Python development environments ready to use out of the box.

Required Prerequisites
Eclipse Platform is the prerequisite project to run the Dynamic Languages Toolkit. It must be downloaded and installed before DLTK can be installed or used.
Eclipse Platform eclipse-platform-3.3RC4-linux-gtk.tar.gz or other platform
Dynamic Languages Toolkit Complete

The DLTK zip files includes the features and plugins from the DLTK Core, Ruby, and TCL components.

Developers (Dynamic Language Users):

This non-SDK package is for most users. It includes the runnable code and end-user documentation for those using the tools to develop applications with dynamic languages.

dltk (5M) [md5]
Tool Developers:

The SDK package includes source code and developer documentation for those using DLTK as a framework to build more tools or extend existing implementations, as well as everything that is in the non-SDK version.

dltk-sdk (10M) [md5]

The Automated Test zip contains the unit tests.

dltk-Automated_Tests (0M) [md5]
Status, tests and other interesting details
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