Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.xtext.console

Class Summary
ColorManager Registry of color resources.
OCLConsole The Interactive OCL console.
OCLConsoleFactory Console factory for the Interactive OCL console, to enable it on any editor that supports EObject selections.
OCLConsolePage The page implementing the Interactive OCL console.
OCLConsolePage.CancelableEvaluationVisitor CancelableEvaluationVisitor refines the EvaluationVisitor to poll the monitor for cancellation at a variety of significant evaluation events, such as feature visits and OCLConsolePage.CancelableEvaluationVisitor.createNestedEvaluator().
OCLResource A resource for loading and saving OCL expressions.
XtextConsolePlugin The main plugin class to be used in the desktop.
XtextConsoleRuntimeModule Use this class to register components to be used within the IDE.
XtextConsoleUiModule Use this class to register components to be used within the IDE.

Enum Summary
TargetMetamodel Enumeration of supported target metamodels.