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Packages that use XSDFractionDigitsFacet
org.eclipse.xsd This provides an API for the XML Schema Standard Part 1 and Part 2; for differences between the current version of the API and the previous version of the API, please see the Appendix
org.eclipse.xsd.impl This provides an implementation of the API for XML Schema; it is considered internal and the Javadoc is incomplete. 
org.eclipse.xsd.util This provides utility classes and interfaces to augment the basic API for XML Schema, as well as sample code. 

Uses of XSDFractionDigitsFacet in org.eclipse.xsd

Methods in org.eclipse.xsd that return XSDFractionDigitsFacet
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDFactory.createXSDFractionDigitsFacet()
          Returns a new object of class 'Fraction Digits Facet'
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDSimpleTypeDefinition.getEffectiveFractionDigitsFacet()
          Returns the value of the 'Effective Fraction Digits Facet' reference
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDSimpleTypeDefinition.getFractionDigitsFacet()
          Returns the value of the 'Fraction Digits Facet' reference

Uses of XSDFractionDigitsFacet in org.eclipse.xsd.impl

Classes in org.eclipse.xsd.impl that implement XSDFractionDigitsFacet
 class XSDFractionDigitsFacetImpl
          An implementation of the model object 'Fraction Digits Facet'

Methods in org.eclipse.xsd.impl that return XSDFractionDigitsFacet
static XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDFractionDigitsFacetImpl.createFractionDigitsFacet(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDFactoryImpl.createXSDFractionDigitsFacet()
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDSimpleTypeDefinitionImpl.getEffectiveFractionDigitsFacet()
 XSDFractionDigitsFacet XSDSimpleTypeDefinitionImpl.getFractionDigitsFacet()

Uses of XSDFractionDigitsFacet in org.eclipse.xsd.util

Methods in org.eclipse.xsd.util with parameters of type XSDFractionDigitsFacet
 T XSDSwitch.caseXSDFractionDigitsFacet(XSDFractionDigitsFacet object)
          Returns the result of interpretting the object as an instance of 'Fraction Digits Facet'

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