Uses of Interface

Packages that use PPOPackage

Uses of PPOPackage in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo

Fields in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo declared as PPOPackage
static PPOPackage PPOPackage.eINSTANCE
          The singleton instance of the package

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo that return PPOPackage
 PPOPackage PPOFactory.getPPOPackage()
          Returns the package supported by this factory

Uses of PPOPackage in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo.impl

Classes in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo.impl that implement PPOPackage
 class PPOPackageImpl
          An implementation of the model Package

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo.impl that return PPOPackage
static PPOPackage PPOFactoryImpl.getPackage()
 PPOPackage PPOFactoryImpl.getPPOPackage()
static PPOPackage PPOPackageImpl.init()
          Creates, registers, and initializes the Package for this model, and for any others upon which it depends.

Uses of PPOPackage in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo.util

Fields in org.eclipse.emf.test.models.ppo.util declared as PPOPackage
protected static PPOPackage PPOAdapterFactory.modelPackage
          The cached model package
protected static PPOPackage PPOSwitch.modelPackage
          The cached model package

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