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Packages that use DiffAlgorithm

Uses of DiffAlgorithm in org.eclipse.jgit.api

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.api with parameters of type DiffAlgorithm
 BlameCommand BlameCommand.setDiffAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm diffAlgorithm)
          Set diff algorithm

Uses of DiffAlgorithm in org.eclipse.jgit.blame

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.blame with parameters of type DiffAlgorithm
 BlameGenerator BlameGenerator.setDiffAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm algorithm)
          Difference algorithm to use when comparing revisions.

Uses of DiffAlgorithm in org.eclipse.jgit.diff

Subclasses of DiffAlgorithm in org.eclipse.jgit.diff
 class HistogramDiff
          An extended form of Bram Cohen's patience diff algorithm.
 class LowLevelDiffAlgorithm
          Compares two sequences primarily based upon hash codes.

Fields in org.eclipse.jgit.diff declared as DiffAlgorithm
static DiffAlgorithm MyersDiff.INSTANCE
          Singleton instance of MyersDiff.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.diff that return DiffAlgorithm
static DiffAlgorithm DiffAlgorithm.getAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm.SupportedAlgorithm alg)

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.diff with parameters of type DiffAlgorithm
 void DiffFormatter.setDiffAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm alg)
          Set the algorithm that constructs difference output.
 void HistogramDiff.setFallbackAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm alg)
          Set the algorithm used when there are too many element occurrences.

Uses of DiffAlgorithm in org.eclipse.jgit.merge

Constructors in org.eclipse.jgit.merge with parameters of type DiffAlgorithm
MergeAlgorithm(DiffAlgorithm diff)
          Creates a new MergeAlgorithm

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