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Test Results for I20181202-0600

Logs for I20181202-0600

Unit Test Results

Unit tests are running on the Jenkins shared instance and the Jenkins releng instance. The results will be summarized here as each platform completes.

Plugins containing compile errors or warnings

The table below shows the plugins in which errors or warnings were encountered. Click on the jar file link to view its detailed report.

Compile Logs (Jar Files) Errors Warnings

Plugins containing access errors or warnings

Compile Logs (Jar Files) Forbidden Access Discouraged Access Info Warnings
core.databinding 0 0 12
e4.core.commands 0 3 0
e4.ui.css.core 0 3 0
e4.ui.css.swt.theme 0 10 0
e4.ui.workbench.swt 0 25 0
e4.ui.workbench 0 25 0