BIRT Report Downloads

Latest BIRT Report Designer Release Build: 3.7.2

The fastest way to get started designing BIRT reports on Windows.
Everything you need to start designing BIRT Reports, including the full Eclipse SDK.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

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Already have Eclipse installed?
Get all the BIRT plugins for your existing Eclipse environment (or use Update Manager)
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE;

BIRT has dependencies on the following Eclipse projects. In certain downloads such as the Allinone these are already included, but in others such as the framework you will be required to download them.

Want a dedicated report designer?
Simple to use RCP Version of the BIRT Report Designer for report developers on the Windows platform.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

Latest BIRT Runtime Release Build: 3.7.2


Need to deploy BIRT into your Java/Java EE application?
Get the deployment components of BIRT. You do not need this if you are just designing reports.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

Need a different download?


Looking for a different BIRT 3.7.2 download? Linux Report Designer, standalone charts, other packages? See the full BIRT 3.7.2 Download Page.

Looking for a different BIRT release (including development builds)? See the Recent Builds Page.

What Now?


Need more information on installing or detailed pre-requisites for BIRT? See the detailed installation instructions.

Problems getting BIRT up and running? See the BIRT Wiki, BIRT Examples or post a question to the Newsgroup (Using Newsreader or Web Interface). To get a Newsgroup password see Information and Signup.
Search the BIRT Newsgroup archives for previously asked questions.

Need help in getting started with your first report? See the BIRT Tutorial.