BIRT Report Downloads

Latest BIRT Report Designer Release Build: 2.5.2

The fastest way to get started designing BIRT reports on Windows.
Everything you need to start designing BIRT Reports, including the full Eclipse SDK.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

Choose a

Already have Eclipse installed?
Get all the BIRT plugins for your existing Eclipse environment (or use Update Manager)
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE;
Want a dedicated report designer?
Simple to use RCP Version of the BIRT Report Designer for report developers on the Windows platform.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

Latest BIRT Runtime Release Build: 2.5.2


Need to deploy BIRT into your Java/Java EE application?
Get the deployment components of BIRT. You do not need this if you are just designing reports.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.5 JDK/JRE

Need a different download?


Looking for a different BIRT 2.5.2 download? Linux Report Designer, standalone charts, other packages? See the full BIRT 2.5.2 Download Page.

Looking for a different BIRT release (including development builds)? See the Recent Builds Page.

What Now?


Need more information on installing or detailed pre-requisites for BIRT? See the detailed installation instructions.

Problems getting BIRT up and running? See the BIRT Wiki, BIRT Examples or post a question to the Newsgroup (Using Newsreader or Web Interface). To get a Newsgroup password see Information and Signup.
Search the BIRT Newsgroup archives for previously asked questions.

Need help in getting started with your first report? See the BIRT Tutorial.